Seller Financing Details


As an available option for our customers, Silver Discount Properties provides financing programs on all of our properties unless otherwise stated. For the buyer(s) convenience, we accept PayPal*1, Personal Checks/Business Checks, Cashier/Bank Checks, Credit Cards*2, and Bank Wire Transfers*3. There are no credit checks or pre-qualifications to finance. Silver Discount Properties, LLC is able to offer individualized payment programs for our clients. Please email us directly to discuss payment options.

*1 Payments processed through PayPal will be charged with additional fees. These fees vary and will not be credited towards buyer(s) balance. E-check payments through PayPal will be charged with a standard fee of $5.00. PayPal is only accepted for Processing and Down-Payments. Monthly Payments can not be made with

*2 A Credit Card Processing Fee is required for most Credit Card transactions.

*3 The Buyer is responsible for all Fees associated with the Bank Wire Transfer (Incoming Wire Fees are approximately $25-$30 Fee). Wire transfer options are only available to financing customers.




1. Once the potential buyer(s) have spoken with a Silver Discount Properties representative, and a Payment Option has been selected, a one-time non-refundable processing fee*4 is required. With financing transactions. A down-payment will be required as well.

2. Once buyer(s) payment clears, paperwork will be prepared and provided electronically via the provided email.  The buyer(s) package will include: Standard Purchase and Sale Contract, Sales Receipt, Coupon Book along with additional documents. At this time the property will be taken off all marketing and advertising campaigns.

3. The buyer(s) will then need to sign, notarize, and mail the contract back to us. For a one-time payment, the full purchase price must be sent with the contract unless otherwise agreed upon.

5. We will then mail the buyer(s) final package, which will include a copy of the contract with our original signature. Whether the buyer(s) will be financing or purchasing with a one-time payment, a Deed will be transferred onto the buyer(s) requested information once the property will be paid off in full.

6. If financing, monthly payments are to be made on a monthly basis or as agreed upon in the contract with principal, interest and tax impounds. All financing terms/contracts are no pre-payment penalty agreements. During the financing period, buyer will be responsible for all POA dues, taxes, and/or fees. Those fees, if annual are divided by 12 (months) with no interest and imposed on the buyer(s) monthly payments as tax impounds. Any assessments or one time fees will be paid by Silver Discount Properties and then billed to the buyer(s) with a 30 or 60 day net to pay, depending on the amount.

**Please note: If Buyer fails to complete monthly payments on time (with the exception of grace periods outlined in the contract), Seller has the right to reclaim and resell the property. Options given are in general terms and can be altered to satisfy both parties.

*4 Processing Fees vary upon each transaction type. 



(as stated in our Standard Contracts)

Please read all Terms & Conditions as they are not negotiable. No refunds will be given for any reason. Upon purchase of a property, Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions. Buyer is responsible to do their own due diligence on the property. Due diligence should include, but is not limited to, physical inspection of the property, research of the property, and checking county and state requirements to make sure the parcel being purchased is suited for Buyer’s personal/business intended use.  All property is sold “AS IS” with any and all faults. All information contained on this website was obtained from sources that are presumed to be reliable and accurate to the best of Seller’s knowledge. Seller, however, makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the exact location, present condition, accessibility, terrain, build ability or contained on this website. Buyer should not proceed with a purchase if the buyer is unsure of anything or until every objection has been resolved. If Buyer is unable or does not intend to complete the transaction in every way, then Buyer should not proceed with any purchase. When Buyer sends Earnest Money/Down-Payment and/or processing fees, Buyer has agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Seller is responsible to make sure that all past fees, taxes, POA, and HOA dues will be paid prior to selling the property. Buyer will take full responsibility of all taxes/fees, upon purchase of property unless agreed upon otherwise with Seller. The Buyer hereby releases the Seller from any and all claims, with regards to the property. Buyer agrees that, upon transfer of title, Buyer shall conclusively be deemed to have released Seller from all responsibility regarding the valuation and condition of the property, and shall conclusively be deemed to have accepted the property and every portion of it in its then existing condition, “as is, where is” without warranty of any kind except those made by Seller herein and with all faults and problems of any kind and nature whatsoever that may then exist, whether the faults or problems are of a legal nature, a physical nature, a contractual nature, an economic nature or otherwise. Pictures contained in this listing are in some cases not of the exact lot but are representative of the area. All reasonable offers will be accepted for review and taken into consideration. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


We reserve the right to change our payment options and terms at any time.