Detailed Testimonials

“We are very happy with our recently purchased property from Silver Discount Properties. We are very satisfied with the customer service, excellent communication. Highly Recommended. Thanks for Everything.”
Nuvis Schiele – William Schiele    



“I would like to thank you for letting me purchase the Barstow property in Ridgecrest. It is a relief to know I have somewhere where I can lay down some root’s and settle down. At every junction of the sale any question’s I had were answered in prompt timing with a pleasant professional. The, add on the web site was very helpful also. It included a description of all the surrounding area attractions. The land sale it self was made through legal professionals which told me it was a legal sale. Thank you Silver discount properties for everything!”
Sincerely, Sharon Solders  



“Professional, Fast and Excellent communication, transaction. Congratulations. 5 stars.”
Norberto H.



“I highly recommend Silver Discount Properties, LLC for their superb Customer Service. They are knowledgeable and reliable. Deanna answered all my questions promptly and I will do more business with them in the future. They are trustworthy which is probably their number one (#1) selling point.”
Sincerely, Evella Vee Jones



“I am completely satisfied with the level of customer service I received from Silver Discount Properties, LLC. My property Sales Manager Deanna G. provided me with professional, personable and knowledgeable service which enabled me to buy property in Tennessee. You all are the very best! Since I reside out of state, Silver Discount Properties, LLC’s willingness to handle the details of the transactions made the process a stress free experience. I look forward to working with them again in the future.” 
Susan G.
Dover, Delaware



“Thanks to the People at Silver Discount Properties I am a very happy owner of some exceptional lakefront property that I purchased in beautiful Tennessee and a Michigan property that I had the pleasure and Honor of winning in there on-line contest, some time after that ! For sure the Owner / Manager Gary S. is a top notch professional with an amazing team of people led by a truly amazing lady that I had the pleasure of dealing with on all matters to do with this purchase! Deanna is a brilliant and helpful person that without a doubt managed to organize the transaction from its conception to its very completion she was available and willing at all times to assist with any and all questions and concerns! I was very nervous about purchasing anything on line especially with some of the stories that we hear about the things that can happen. It is truly refreshing to find Honesty and Integrity and with Gary’s help and a common respect for the business he walked me through the whole process never once did I feel under any obligation to do anything I was not completely comfortable with! It has been over a year now that I purchased my property, I made my payments on time at no interest and I now have two clear titles for these wonderful properties ! I am still searching and will continue to watch for more of fine investments that Silver Discount Properties offers and look forward to dealing with a fine and friendly group of professional people that I consider to be amongst some of my best Friends !! Thanks to you all !! I am so proud of You !”
Don P – Alberta Canada



“I recently purchased a property from silver discount properties. My experience with them could not have been any more pleasant. In an era where business seems to be more about trickery, guile, and every effort to overcharge, it was quite refreshing to deal with these folks. I dealt with many members of the staff and they were always very professional and helpful in every respect. I couldn’t be any more pleased with my purchase and subsequent dealings with silver discount properties.”
Kevin Kutcha



“I am very pleased with the property and service provided by Silver Discount Properties, always very courteous and professional.” 
Bob Guerra
Melbourne Beach, Fl.



“My name is Larry N. Ellis. I have achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, also a Masters Degree in Education and have worked as a teacher for the last twenty three years. For the last three years I have been investing heavily in the real estate market. In the process of this investment experience I have felt very fortunate coming in contact with the Silver Discount Properties group. Each of my contacts at this company have been highly trained and extremely courteous. This group has provided very insightful information and guidance. They have been extremely helpful in getting out of one property and into another of more significant value in order to improve my portfolio.”


“It was a hassle free transaction and a easy to deal with team of real estate professionals.”