Large Pond Front Lot in s/w TN

[note]1159 Eagle Cove near Golf Drive, Saulsbury Tennessee 38067
Hardeman County, Tennessee PARCEL ID: 119I B 19.00 / Lot N1159

Type Of Property:Residential, No Mobile, Min. of 1,200 sq. ft. to build
Lot Size:  27.05 x 215 x 151 x 237  = 19,437 sq ft (0.45 acre)



Water: Available at Lot (Tap-in Required)
Power: Available at Lot (Bolivar Electric Co.)
Sewer: Septic (Not-Installed)
Phone: Land Line Available and cellular
TV: Satellite (Direct TV or Dish)
Road access: Subdivision Maintained Road  [/onethirdcol][twothirdcol]


Huge Seasonal Pond Front Lot. Wooded cul-de-sac lot that has 27.05 ft of road and 151 ft of pond frontage. Back of the property near the pond has a cleared secluded area. The cul-de-sac street is located right across the street from the 18-hole golf course. Gin pond is in the back of this property. The 225-acre lake as well as other amenities are also close by.

– All lots need to have a septic system installed. Contact The Hardeman County Environment Department to have this done.
– Water is provided within the subdivision. For new construction homes, there is a one time connection fee of $300.00, plus a one time deposit of $200.00.
– Electricity is provided by The Bolivar Electric Company.
– TV is available via satellite TV through either Direct TV® or Dish®.

Less than an hours drive from Memphis, fifteen minutes from the City of Bolivar, in Southwestern Tennessee, the gated community of Grand Valley Lakes is in development because many people are sick and tired of the city life. Why deal with problems like overpopulation, smog, bad sanitation and a host of other discomforts when Grand Valley Lakes offers all of the benefits of the city life without the trials and tribulations.

According to the Official Grand Valley Lakes Website, this subdivision “has three scenic lakes on it, one that is 225 acres, one that is about 20 acres, and Lake Duffer.” There is even a marina with covered slips, fishing, and beaches to relax on. Along with a huge community center, with rent-able rooms for events, along with a gym, library and more. Even more exciting, the Hatchie River is only a few miles away. Because its the longest free-flowing tributary of the lower Mississippi, the River is the largest forested floodplain in the State of Tennessee. The Hatchie River has not been altered by humans, meaning the natural cycles of the seasons and floods created a very rich habitat that many species of animals are thriving in. Of course, Grand Valley Lakes is miles away from this. The subdivision is not in the flood plain at all, and is a very safe distance from The Hatchies, as well as the other Three Lakes flood cycles. These are simply wonderful places to have some great fun!

Grand Valley Lakes has 24/7 on-call paramedics, a fire department, and even Air-Evac service so that in case of an emergency, you can get to the hospital quickly and safely. The Gated Community also has 24/7 security and patrol cars.[/twothirdcol][divider]